Cut Results with Bronson Dant

The last time I had Bronson on the podcast he mentioned that he would like to do a cut with me as his coach We recently finished a seven-month cut, and I'm excited to share his results with you in this episode!

What you'll hear:

  • Bronson's motivation behind the desire to do a cut (1:33)
  • Being willing to step outside your comfort zone and try something new (2:25)
  • Takeaways, differences, surprises, what worked, and overall feedback (3:20)
  • Drops in performance as the cut progressed (5:46)
  • Maintaining hormone health (7:24)
  • Post-cut training and goals (8:52)
  • Macros he's tweaking now that the cut is finished (9:31)
  • Caloric surplus vs. caloric deficit and body fat composition (11:15)
  • Recovery and maintaining lean muscle mass (13:10)
  • His perception of calories in, calories out when it comes to energy (15:30)
  • How his training has changed since the cut (18:40)
  • What a typical day of training looks like for him (19:43)
  • The motivation behind switching up his training so drastically (23:05)
  • Feeling extremely small once you hit the lower body fat percentage compared to a bulking season (25:00)
  • Understanding body composition and how that helps get you through the cutting and bulking phases so you're not always stuck in limbo (26:28)
  • His feelings on being a published author (30:51)
  • The writing process (31:53)
  • Keto Con (33:58)

Where to find Bronson:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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