Cutting Through the Nutrition Negativity with Dr. Layne Norton

With so much false information out there for us to consume, how do we know what's "right" when it comes to fitness and nutrition? Today, Dr. Layne Norton and I discuss the toxicity on the internet when it comes to health and wellness and why it's dangerous to fall into a "one size fits all" mentality.

Dr. Layne Norton has a PhD in nutritional sciences and is currently killing it as a bodybuilding coach, powerlifter, and has recently created a training and nutrition app as well as a line of supplements. He has a ton of knowledge in the fitness and nutrition space and it was a pleasure to talk with and learn from him. I look forward to welcoming him back to the podcast at a later date so we can dive further into his work and knowledge base.

What you'll learn in today's episode:

  • How things can get misconstrued on the internet depending on context (2:43)
  • The importance of individual preferences and makeup when it comes to fitness and nutrition (6:58)
  • Just because something is easy for you or provides you with results doesn't mean that another person will have the same success (10:07)
  • The importance of protein in maintaining lean muscle mass and boosting metabolism (13:34)
  • Misinformation in the dietary world and why Layne believes it will be so difficult to fix (17:04)
  • How easily things get taken out of context and cause straw man arguments that aren't based in truth (20:14)
  • All of the various data points that are involved with the stages of contest prep, fat loss, and muscle growth (25:45)
  • What is spontaneous physical activity and how that can affect weight loss (29:50)
  • Maintenance calorie range and when during the year most weight gain occurs (34:15)
  • The importance of tracking food intake when it comes to weight loss or contest prep (37:54)
  • Chronic undereating vs. cutting calories for a short period of time and the difference between the two (42:31)

Where to learn more about Dr. Layne Norton and his work:


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Robert Sikes


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