Lady Carnivory Discusses Overcoming OCD and Competition Prep While Following a Strict Carnivore Approach

Making dietary changes for the benefit of your health and longevity may seem simple, but it's not easy. Jacie, aka Lady Carnivory, has been through several nutritional evolutions in an effort to feel and perform her best, and she shares her story with us in today's episode.

For years, Jacie struggled with various diets and OCD, only to find her salvation in following a carnivore lifestyle. She's currently preparing to compete in her first bikini competition in July, and we know she will crush it. It was an honor to talk with her today and I found her story extremely inspirational, as I'm sure you will as well.

In today's episode, we discuss:

  • Jacie's nutritional background and her struggle with body image issues and insecurities (1:57)
  • Her experience with vegetarianism and sustainability (3:48)
  • The dietary protocol she followed once giving up vegetarianism and began eating meat again (6:16)
  • The difference between feeling full and feeling satiated (7:46)
  • Her struggle with OCD and how her dietary changes made such an impact in her recovery (11:06)
  • The misinformation surrounding nutrition and how it leads to confusion in the masses (14:13)
  • Jacie's opinions on the difference between keto and carnivore and the whole foods approach to each (14:59)
  • Her reasoning behind shifting from keto to carnivore and how that transition looked for her (17:42)
  • The difference between net carbs and total carbs and how Jacie tracks her macros (21:54)
  • The competition prep cycle and how that looks for her (24:15)
  • The importance of fat from an energy standpoint, especially during a competition prep (30:16)
  • A typical day of eating for Jacie and what supplements she takes on a regular basis (31:09)
  • Her first exposure to weight training and how she fought her hesitation (39:14)
  • The sustainability of a keto or carnivorous diet (44:54)
  • The details of her battle with OCD and how transitioning to a carnivorous diet gave her back her freedom (46:51)
  • Intuitive eating when following a carnivorous diet (55:09)

Where to follow Lady Carnivory's journey and snag some delicious recipes and inspiration:

Lady Carnivory

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Robert Sikes


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