Down to the Home Stretch With Crystal Sikes

In this episode, I welcome back my wife and mother-to-be, the Lady Savage herself, Crystal Sikes. We are entering the home stretch of this pregnancy and today we talk about her third-trimester highlights.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How Crystal's nutrition has changed during this time (2:36)
  • Her average caloric intake and fat ratio on a daily basis (4:14)
  • How her body is preparing for birth (5:28)
  • Rigel's movements as pregnancy has progressed (6:27)
  • Electrolyte popsicles (8:21)
  • Modifications she's made to her training regimen in the last couple weeks (10:13)
  • Embracing every moment of her pregnancy (14:25)
  • How she's handled her emotions (15:27)
  • Appointments with the midwife and how those look (16:53)
  • The importance of having a lactation consultant if you plan to breastfeed (21:07)
  • Handling unsolicited opinions (22:24)
  • Hiring a postpartum doula/birth photographer (24:58)
  • Weight and body image (28:01)
  • Postpartum and "bouncing back" (30:07)
  • State approval for home birth to ensure safety (35:38)
  • Glucose monitoring (39:36)

Where to follow Crystal:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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