Dr. Anna Gives It to Us Straight in Regards to Hormones and Taking Control of Your Health and Longevity

What if your quality of life could improve dramatically by making a few simple changes to your diet? Today we discuss Dr. Anna Cabeca’s no-nonsense approach to balancing your hormones and living a fulfilling life well into your 40s, 50s, and beyond, without being a slave to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Dr. Anna, aka The Girlfriend Doctor, is passionate about helping women understand their changing hormones so that they can thrive throughout their menopausal season. Her goal is to support women in finding the right solutions so that they don’t have to suffer from the symptoms of menopause.  She is the author of Keto-Green 16 and The Hormone Fix, and she recently submitted her third manuscript for publication.  Navigating the waters of changing hormones is difficult, and we certainly learned a lot from Dr. Anna. We look forward to reading her books and following her online, and we know you will as well.  

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the hormonal changes during menopause can cause weight gain, memory loss, brain fog, and mood swings without your making any changes to your diet or exercise routine (1:55)
  • The importance of monitoring alkalinity when following a ketogenic diet (3:57)
  • How plant foods aid in hormone detoxification in women (12:00)
  • The four key blood tests that Dr. Anna recommends having done and what those levels should be for optimum health (14:43)
  • Sun exposure and its importance for maintaining vitamin D levels (18:24)
  • How maintaining proper alkaline balance can help to prevent cancer and inflammation (21:25)
  • The effect that stress or joy has on our body’s pH balance (23:54)
  • The importance of empowering our bodies to produce hormones naturally rather than relying on supplementation (26:42)
  • The effects of dark chocolate, caffeine, and red wine on our body’s glucose levels (30:42)
  • While menopause is natural, suffering is optional, and the ways in which you can combat the negative symptoms (34:29)
  • The difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (46:03)
  • Treating your symptoms without excessive use of pharmaceuticals or supplements is worth the effort for long term health and wellness (54:27)

To learn more about Dr. Anna and her amazing work, check her out on:

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Robert Sikes


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