Drastic Life Improvements with Melanie Thomas

Have you ever considered going strict carnivore to help with health issues? I met Melanie Thomas at Keto Palooza last year and I couldn't wait to get her on the podcast to discuss what she has achieved by following a carnivore protocol. She and her entire family are following a ketogenic or carnivore diet. She's reversed multiple health issues and has basically turned her life around. I enjoyed hearing what she had to say and I know you will as well.

What we discussed:

  • What got her into the keto carnivore space initially (1:10:
  • Her health concerns (2:08)
  • Poor nutrition that started at a very early age (7:41)
  • Handling family and friend's reactions to a new lifestyle (11:09)
  • Being more in tune with her body and what makes her feel good (14:19)
  • Flexibility with her children's diets (16:45)
  • Taking care of yourself now to avoid health problems in older age (21:50)
  • Genetic predispositions to chronic health issues (23:34)
  • When she and her husband started their keto journey (29:53)
  • Her definition of carnivore (31:34)
  • The initial struggle when she transitioned her oldest child to keto (34:24)
  • How she navigates the constant array of foods that target children (39:45)
  • The importance of being honest and transparent with your children (42;46)
  • What compelled her to start a YouTube channel to document her journey (46:04)

Where to find Melanie:

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Robert Sikes


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