Dieting and Obesity with David Greenwalt

Obesity and overconsumption are an epidemic here in the United States. David Greenwalt is a certified wellness coach, author, and founder of the Leanness Lifestyle University. His goal is to help people achieve the body they want without having to attend in-person meetings or working around someone else's schedule. He's been in the nutrition and fitness space for a very long time and has a wealth of knowledge. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

What we discussed:

  • David's background and what got him interested in the health and nutrition space initially (2:04)
  • What it was like to sell his supplement company (5:14)
  • Things he's "against" in the health and fitness space (8:33)
  • His opinion on keto (9:59)
  • Flexible dieting vs. metabolic flexibility (14:24)
  • The importance of eating whole foods and avoiding ultra processed food (20:16)
  • What leads to obesity (26:29)
  • Fixing the problem from the ground up (35:27)
  • His definition of real food (37:45)
  • Food now compared to what our ancestors were eating (44:13)
  • Body positivity and obesity (47:54)
  • Respecting the individual while realizing there's a health issue (54:31)
  • Can obese people be truly healthy (56:31)
  • The harm that can come from ignoring the negative repercussions of obesity (1:00:17)
  • Maintaining the motivation to get healthy (1:04:26)
  • Taking ownership of your life and health (1:11:15)
  • Starfish parable approach (1:12:24)

Where to learn more from David:

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Robert Sikes


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