Supplements and Skepticism with Sara Banta

Are you confused by the world of nutritional supplements? Sara Banta is a health coach and natural supplement expert. She realizes that with health, you cannot treat just the symptoms, but the course of the problem as well. Though I may not agree with everything she said, I learned so much talking with her and I'm sure you will as well.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What got her into the health and wellness space initially and her personal health issues (1:50)
  • Colloidal silver, what it is, and how it works (11:48)
  • How it's different from the silver used in jewelry making (21:26)
  • What happens on the cellular level with silver and how it's used in Sara's supplements (22:25)
  • How scalar tests are done (25:39)
  • Frequency healing and how it works (27:26)
  • The nutrition journey she went through as a parent (30:10)
  • Iodine deficiencies in children (36:28)
  • Sugar, leaky gut, and estrogen dominance (37:24)
  • Proper food combinations (42:18)
  • Liver cleanse protocol (47:35)
  • Water and electrolyte consumption and recommendations (50:48)
  • The importance of electrolyte balance (53:01)
  • What she's excited for in the new year (57:25)

Where to learn more about Sara:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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