Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Competitive Bodybuilding with Aaron Orton

Are you interested in competitive natural bodybuilding but don't know much about it? Aaron Orton is a natural bodybuilding competitor and also the sponsor for the event I have chosen to compete in this year. He knows pretty much everything about competition, so I'm sure you'll take something away from this episode.

What you'll learn:

  • His competition prep history and the benefits of a long prep (1:31)
  • How Covid affected his business (4:01)
  • The evolution of his gym business (4:29)
  • Family life and the role they play in the business and competition prep (6:58)
  • Posing classes (7:39)
  • His "mini-cut" and plans for competing this year (10:32)
  • The time it takes to build quality muscle (11:35)
  • Tests he has done in the offseason to get a good baseline and ensure that he will get good results during a prep (13:20)
  • Caloric consumption during a building phase (15:45)
  • Hosting the Washington State Natural Pro-Am (19:15)
  • Camaraderie amongst competitors (22:26)
  • The best of the best (26:00)
  • Super Pro Qualifying shows (27:20)
  • How much time he takes between shows (30:38)
  • Getting and keeping your pro card (33:18)
  • The demographic at natural bodybuilding competitions (38:48)
  • Not giving yourself permission to be an asshole (44:10)

Where to find out more about Aaron and competition:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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