From Keto to Mold with Functional Wellness Practitioner Kelly Troup

Do you suffer from illness due to mold exposure? Kelly Troup is a functional wellness practitioner who healed herself through nutrition. She is a certified prime/ketogenic health coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, particularly the ketogenic, whole-food approach. She also suffered from many health issues because of mold exposure and shares her experience with that as well.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What got her into the functional nutrition space (1:12)
  • Illness and the initial catalyst for starting keto (4:49)
  • Plant consumption and eating seasonally (8:36)
  • How our ancestors ate (10:43)
  • How we're moving further and further away from our connection with the food we consume (13:22)
  • Food waste (17:18)
  • Regenerative farming (18:36)
  • Why a ketogenic approach is so anti-inflammatory (23:01)
  • Possible adverse long-term effects of being in ketosis (24:17)
  • Incorporating fruit (27:47)
  • The pitfalls of being hyper independent (32:36)
  • The beauty of a simpler life (35:03)
  • How a typical day looks for her (36:37)
  • Raising children following this lifestyle (40:51)
  • What she thinks will be the primary driver for the population to get back on the right trajectory from a health standpoint (43:54)
  • How she figured out she had a mold problem and the common symptoms of exposure (45:32)
  • The various types of mold and how they can all make you sick (51:29)
  • Mold remediation (52:52)
  • Improvement in her symptoms (56:50)
  • The importance of getting your house tested for mold (1:04:05)
  • What she's excited about for the rest of the year (1:07:14)

Where to learn more from Kelly:

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Robert Sikes


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