Forming Sustainable Habits with Michelle Segar

Do you struggle to succeed with habits and routines? Michelle Segar wrote basically a guide about how to succeed in life if you’re not a natural habit-forming person. She provides tangible, practical tips regarding habits and routines and what makes each individual perform one way or the other.  It was great to have her on the podcast and I’m sure you’ll find something to take away from this episode.

What we discussed:

  • Her background and why she got into this area of study originally (1:38)
  • Differences between those who are natural habit followers and those who aren’t (4:23)
  • What it looks like from a practical standpoint when helping those who want to improve their habit-making tendencies (6:06)
  • The dangers of seeing things as simply black and white (10:43)
  • Sustainability long-term (14:59)
  • People’s primary goal for changing their nutrition (17:34)
  • The vicious cycle of failure when it comes to weight loss in America (19:44)
  • Her opinion on why we are in such an obesity crisis right now (23:20)
  • Overconsumption (26:26)
  • Exercise and its effect on weight loss (27:29)
  • Moderation vs. elimination (28:47)
  • The importance of self-awareness (30:35)
  • The litmus test to discover if you’re naturally a habit-maker or not (33:34)
  • When to know you’re succeeding at habit formation (36:48)
  • Growth comes from making meaning out of complex challenges (41:28)
  • How our reasons for doing things have a domino effect (44:22)
  • The structure of a typical day for Michelle (45:49)
  • Seeing small failures as seasons rather than as reasons to quit altogether (50:41)
  • Her feelings on how school is structured these days (53:32)

Where to find Michelle and her new book The Joy of Choice:

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Robert Sikes


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