Mitochondrial Health and Energy with Ari Whitten

Do you rely on caffeine and other stimulants to get you through the day, but still find yourself suffering from a lack of energy? Ari Whitten is an energy and fatigue specialist who focuses on taking an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement. He is a nutrition, exercise, and natural health expert, and #1 best-selling author. He has been studying nutrition and holistic health for over two decades. We dove deeply into mitochondrial health and energy and only scratched the surface of his vast wealth of knowledge. I learned a ton from this episode and I'm sure you will as well.

What we discussed:

  • Caffeine, stimulants, and how they interact with the body and brain (1:39)
  • Moderating caffeine intake and when it's okay to increase your amount (9:41)
  • L theanine combined with caffeine (13:50)
  • Withdrawal reversal (14:54)
  • Optimizing energy without relying too heavily on caffeine (18:27)
  • Mitochondria and how they control our energy levels (22:50)
  • How caffeine and stimulant consumption can affect the mitochondrial energy-producing signals (26:11)
  • What he uses as a proxy to measure his energy (28:18)
  • Why he began studying this field initially (30:35)
  • Tangible day-to-day practices and rituals Ari has instilled that have contributed to his abundant energy baseline (35:35)
  • The use of sunblock (42:40)
  • Vitamin D supplementation (48:39)
  • Benefits of saunas (52:37)
  • Sun and tanning bed exposure and cancer rates (53:24)
  • Other things he does to combat hormetic responses (59:04)
  • Melatonin as related to mitochondrial health (1:01:54)
  • How waking up to an alarm can interrupt sleep cycles and cause low energy levels throughout the day (1:05:39)
  • Introducing hormetic stressors without affecting baseline energy levels (1:08:50)
  • Ari's new book, Eat for Energy (1:18:06)

Where to learn more from Ari or purchase Eat for Energy:

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Robert Sikes


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