From Myocarditis to Coffee Enemas with Dr. Chalmers

When traditional medicine doesn’t work, have you considered a more holistic approach to health care? Dr. Matt Chalmers is a health and wellness expert, author, and speaker who specializes in the areas of long-term wellness, nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, athlete wellness, and holistic healing. With a client list that includes professional athletes, business executives, politicians, and celebrities, Dr. Chalmers takes a holistic-based approach with patients to identify and treat the source of their issues. Medical doctors regularly refer patients to Dr. Chalmers when traditional medications and treatments are not working with their patients.

Dr. Chalmers works with patients to identify, treat and manage a wide variety of issues, including weight loss/gain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, pain, injuries, celiac disease, chiropractic problems, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. He also provides patients with hormone therapy guidance and treatment.

We covered a broad range of topics in this episode and I learned a ton–I hope you will as well. 

What we discussed:

  • Why Dr. Chalmers became interested in the health and nutrition space to begin with (0:59)
  • His first experience with chiropractic care and the results (1:54)
  • The differences between eastern and western medicine (3:45)
  • The importance of a well-rounded, holistic approach to healthcare (4:42)
  • Typical patients who come to see him (5:48)
  • Common issues he sees in clients (6:54)
  • Gut health and coffee enemas (8:10)
  • Castor oil for kidney detoxification (11:34)
  • The lack of research surrounding some of the treatments Dr. Chalmers uses because medical research is paid for by pharmaceutical companies (13:20)
  • Why coffee works better than a saline or other type of solution for enemas (15:21)
  • Bile productions after a coffee enema (16:38)
  • Waking up to an alarm every morning and the issues that can cause (17:47)
  • Dr. Chalmers’ sleeping and waking patterns and his morning routine, which includes two hours of research (21:53)
  • Tools he uses for research (23:38)
  • His work with hormone replacement therapy (24:50)
  • The importance of being proactive rather than reactive (29:53)
  • Stress and exogenous hormones (33:31)
  • Testosterone and the role it plays in a healthy body (37:58)
  • Why women fear testosterone replacement therapy (40:44)
  • Sleep apnea and sleep deprivation and how that affects testosterone levels (42:40)
  • Sleep optimization (43:56)
  • Soy consumption and how it affects estrogen levels (45:21)
  • Veganism and the digestive system (50:09)
  • Why there is so much diversity in human beings in regards to nutritional needs (51:28)
  • Covid, myocarditis, and vaccinations (54:10)

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Robert Sikes


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