Getting Serious About Keto with Steve

Steve is the brains behind Serious Keto, producing incredible content through YouTube and his online presence. He has an inspirational story about how keto helped him correct his health issues and improve his life overall. It was a pleasure chatting with him and I know you'll enjoy this episode:

What you'll hear:

  • Steve's motivation for starting keto (1:21)
  • The massive amounts of information out there and how it's so easy to get confused and overwhelmed (4:32)
  • How to handle the dilution of information in the keto space (11:14)
  • His motivation for starting the YouTube channel (16:31)
  • Carnivore vs. non-carnivore recipes (20:16)
  • Developing a thick skin when you're in the online space (21:45)
  • The tremendous benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle (24:56)
  • Keto myths (27:56)
  • The benefits of having two separate YouTube channels (33:38)
  • Things he's excited to dive into and include on his channels (40:18)
  • Passion for gardening (44:58)
  • What the future holds for Serious Keto (55:02)

Where to follow along and learn more from Steve:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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