The Science Behind a Species-Appropriate Diet

Coach Stephen Thomas studied physiology and health sciences and is a qualified phlebotomist and a well-known expert in the keto-carnivore nutrition space. He is a certified online coach and is passionate about helping people regain their health through exercise and a ketogenic diet. It was a pleasure to finally have him on the podcast, and I know you'll enjoy this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Stephen's backstory and why he chose a ketogenic and then a carnivore lifestyle (1:37)
  • What his diet looked like before transitioning to low-carb (3:20)
  • The benefits he noticed when he made the switch to low-carb and eventually fully carnivore (8:37)
  • Simplifying keto (11:01)
  • Being lean but not necessarily healthy (14:27)
  • Regulating insulin (17:31)
  • Carbohydrates and blood glucose levels (25:58)
  • Blood level readings of his clients (34:32)
  • Pathological insulin resistance (37:52)
  • The cholesterol debate (41:35)
  • Treating the whole client rather than singling out certain facets (49:29)
  • False paradigms about calories (54:34)
  • How he structures his meals daily (58:41)
  • The primary driver for his allergies disappearing when he switched to carnivore (1:01:52)

Where to learn more from Stephen:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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