Going All Natural with Mike Bruce

Are you interested in living a more natural lifestyle? Mike Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in the paleo nutrition space and traveling a more natural path in life. It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast, and I know you'll take something from this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Mike's backstory and all things cloth diapers (3:27)
  • Finding the catalyst to make a change (7:57)
  • What his current diet consists of (11:11)
  • Satiety per calorie (13:22)
  • Consuming vegetation (14:33)
  • Common sense nutrition (17:31)
  • How he and his wife are feeding their baby (20:21)
  • What's working and not working in the US in regards to nutrition (24:46)
  • Gut microbiome (27:00)
  • Parenting a highly sensitive child (31:28)
  • Introducing foods to their baby (37:36)
  • Babies and media consumption (40:15)
  • Daily non-negotiables (44:32)
  • Being selfish (48:53)
  • Sleep (50:24)
  • Going diaper free (55:09)
  • How his wife feels about how they're raising their baby (1:00:42)
  • What's on the horizon for Mike (1:02:33)

Where to find Mike and learn more:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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