Gut Health and Inflammation With Jimmy St. Louis

Do you battle inflammation and does it affect your overall health and well-being? Jimmy St. Louis is a former professional athlete, Olympic rower, and when he made the switch from being in the gym several hours a day to working at a desk, he knew he needed to tweak his routine in order to maintain his cognitive function.  He is the founder of the Cognitive Health and Wellness Institute and I learned a ton from this podcast–I know you will as well. 

What we discussed in this episode:

  • What got Jimmy interested in improving cognitive health (1:19)
  • His experience as a professional football player and Olympic rower (3:48)
  • The initial subject of his interest in gut health and inflammation (6:07)
  • The time frame in which people can expect to see improvements when they begin working on their gut health (9:52)
  • Tests you can take to measure your gut health (12:18)
  • Common denominators he sees with clients seeking to reduce their inflammation (13:18)
  • How his mindset has shifted over the years he’s done this work (14:55)
  • Fiber and its role in gut health (17:24)
  • The importance of modeling your nutrition after your own needs rather than that of a professional athlete or bodybuilder (20:03)
  • Sustainability in nutrition (23:06)
  • The true definition of a ketogenic diet and how it has gotten diluted over the years (24:39)
  • The process of getting into a state of ketosis and how long it can take (28:16)
  • The viome test, what it measures, and how each client’s protocol is tailor-made to their specific needs (31:57)
  • Satiety, caloric deficit, and how they affect gut health (35:07)
  • Becoming fat-adapted and getting rid of the toxins in your body and in your diet (39:10)
  • How simple, subtle life changes can make big impacts on your health (40:38)
  • Helping people take ownership of their health and wellness (42:43)
  • Jimmy’s work with residents in retirement homes (48:03)
  • How fat adaptation can help children with autism (50:09)
  • How diet changes can help fight your predisposition to certain ailments (52:24)
  • Jimmy’s future plans (56:23)

Where to learn more about Jimmy and his work:

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Robert Sikes


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