Healing Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet with Cyrus Cambata and Robby Barbaro

It's important to go outside of your comfort zone, learn from others, and not have a dogmatic view of the world when it comes to nutrition. Cyrus and Robby are treating their type 1 diabetes through a plant-based diet, and it was wonderful to discover that we have more in common than not. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I know you'll learn something from it as well.

What we discussed:

  • Their backstory and diagnoses (1:43)
  • Dietary changes and results they saw (7:10)
  • Glucose changes and carbohydrate consumption 16:15)
  • Reasons for success with varying nutritional protocols (19:07)
  • Insulin resistance (27:44)
  • Becoming fat adapted and the science behind that (30:04)
  • What they believe is the primary driver for the prevalence of diabetes today (32:43)
  • Taking responsiblity for your own health (39:28)
  • Resistance training and cardio and their effect on insulin sensitivity (41:24)
  • The importance of weight training, regardless of your diet (48:24)
  • Blood markers to keep track of on a regular basis when making a dietary change (52:27)
  • Oral glucose tolerance tests (1:01:53)
  • The cholesterol debate (1:03:33)
  • Finding common ground within differing viewpoints (1:07:33)
  • What they eat in a typical day (1:08:48)

Where to learn more from Robby and Cyrus:

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Robert Sikes


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