Healing Lifelong Health Ailments with Christopher Blakeslee

Do you suffer from chronic health issues and have had no luck with traditional western medicine treatments? Christopher Blakeslee struggled with health issues from the very early age of 2, from poor gut health to autoimmune disorders. He healed himself through a four-pillar protocol that he developed. He is now a health consultant and author who helps people with chronic illnesses or pain.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Christopher's backstory and the beginnings of his chronic health issues (1:33)
  • Epigenetics and it affects our health (3:33)
  • The impact his ailments had on his social life and physical appearance (5:17)
  • His mindset shift when he went to college and how things changed (6:38)
  • Dietary habits throughout his youth and college career (8:42)
  • 15 years of total agony, with more illnesses popping up left and right (9:15)
  • Trying alternative treatments and discovering functional medicine (11:44)
  • Reaching rock bottom and going through a period of self-imposed sensory deprivation (12:56)
  • Trial and error with various medications (16:31)
  • Christopher's core fundamental principles (19:15)
  • The progression healing (21:21)
  • The transition of being extremely sensitive to heat and sun to reaping the benefits of sunlight (26:42)
  • How mindset affects healing (30:38)
  • Medications and how they damage the microbiome, over-medication (34:13)
  • What his diet looks like now (36:32)
  • Optimized keto for his particular needs (39:44)
  • His training routine (42:10)
  • Ice baths and saunas (45:25)
  • Certain foods causing flare-ups (47:27)
  • Patterns he sees with his clients (49:36)
  • The importance of Christopher's line of work to many people (52:36)
  • The masking effect of medication rather than treating the root cause of health issues (54:44)

Where to find out more about Christopher and his work:

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Robert Sikes


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