Hunting, Fishing, and Eating with Bill and Billy Schindler

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful experience of sharing the farm retreat with Dr. Bill Schindler and his son, Billy. Dr. Bill is the author of the book Eat Like a Human, and his cooking skills are unmatched. It was a pleasure to spend that time with him and his son and I'm thrilled to share our experience with you in this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Our history together (1:24)
  • Danny Vega's gun (5:40)
  • Being spoiled by Bill's master chef skills on the trip (8:16)
  • How to prepare deer testicles (10:30)
  • Cooking with brown butter (12:50)
  • The variety of things we ate while on the trip, including a roast with garlic and rosemary (14:34)
  • Organ meat gravy (17:12)
  • "Hunting" for mushrooms due to the interesting weather (20:47)
  • Identifying the various types of mushrooms from a safety standpoint (23:51)
  • Billy's "lucky shot" the last day of the retreat (27:34)
  • Other kills we got during the trip (30:22)
  • Connecting with our food and understanding where it comes from (32:59)
  • The value of spending time with people, talking, sharing information (34:41)
  • Eating fermented shark meat (38:12)
  • Digestion and keto (43:41)
  • Billy's Christmas present for his dad (46:41)
  • All things guns (50:13)
  • What's coming up in 2023 (53:44)

Where to find Dr. Bill Schindler:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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