Todd Lamb Talks About Healing Ourselves, and the Planet!

What changes could you make in the world if you were able to overcome your health issues and focus on giving back? Today we chat with Todd Lamb, founder of Pure Life Organics, about how his company is focused on healing others and healing the planet as a result.

Retired Canadian Army veteran and police officer, Todd began his wellness journey simply by wanting to help his wife combat her issues with chronic pain and inflammation. What resulted was the development of a company whose mission is to help heal as many people as possible all the while giving back to the community and planet as a whole. Pure Life Organics products include various teas, supplements, and soothing muscle balms. A portion of their profits is dedicated to helping the reforestation efforts around the world. It was a very educational conversation and we look forward to seeing the results of Todd's efforts in the years to come.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  •   The underlying reason behind Pure Life Organics and the catalyst for developing organic teas and supplements (3:22)
  •   How Todd's career in the Army and police force, as well as his wife's chronic ailments, led to his desire to help as many people as possible in their health journey (4:54)
  •   The evolution of Pure Life Organics from a basic recipe for an anti-inflammatory tea to a company dedicated to helping the health of people and the planet (10:23)
  •   How the Flat Belly Tea can be beneficial to those following a ketogenic lifestyle (12:34)
  •   How the various organic ingredients in the teas and supplements work together to provide optimum benefits for the consumer (14:54)
  •   Todd's passion for helping the planet through reforestation and Pure Life Organics' dedication to supporting various organizations in that arena (20:08)
  •   The science behind drone reforestation and the prospect of it having a major positive impact on the environment in our lifetime (25:25)
  •   The concept of "a rising tide lifts all boats" and how that relates to business and the world (30:14)
  •   The benefits and risks of CBD as it relates to overall health (37:20)
  •   The positive effects of weight training on overall fitness and longevity (43:51)
  • To order, or to learn more about Todd and his reforestation efforts at Pure Life Organics, visit:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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