Keto and Pet Health with Daniel Schulof

Did you know that dogs and cats thrive with a lower carbohydrate diet? Daniel Schulof, founder of KetoNatural, spent four years researching the link between common pet ailments and carbohydrate consumption. Realizing that carbohydrate-conscious pet owners didn't have many options in the way of low-carb pet food, Daniel founded KetoNatural, and Ketona dog food was born. If you're concerned about your furry friend's health, this episode is definitely for you.

What you'll learn:

  • Pet nutrition and obesity prevention (1:11)
  • The evolutionary history of a dog's dietary needs and the lack of information for pet owners (4:45)
  • Wolf and dog evolution, behavior, and diet (9:57)
  • The differences between cats and dogs and the importance of meat in their diets (14:24)
  • The impact of nutrition on dog and cat waste (17:01)
  • Similarities between human and dog digestive tracts (23:21)
  • Daniel's personal motivation for researching better pet food options (24:36)
  • Misleading pet food marketing tactics (28:20)
  • Pet food regulations and carbohydrate content confusion (31:08)
  • The challenges of starting and promoting a pet food company (36:12)
  • The nutritional profile of a ketone-based pet food product (43:54)
  • Ketogenic pet food and the market gap (49:12)
  • What the research shows about high carbohydrate consumption and pet obesity (54:58)
  • The grief of losing a pet (1:01:00)

Where to learn more about Daniel and purchase KetoNatural products:

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Robert Sikes


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