Keto Diet Identity Crisis

I feel like the ketogenic diet is undergoing a bit of an identity crisis right now. Is it high fat, low carb? zero carb, high protein? High protein, high fat? high fat, moderate protein, low carb? low fat, high protein? Is any food part of a keto diet as long as you are in ketosis? Is it simply a metabolic state and not a diet at all? What's the difference between fat-adapted and keto-adapted? Bro-diet is keto right? Carnivore is simply another version of keto...except, honey is ok? High fat to lose fat or low fat if you have a lot of fat to lose? Fat is a lever or a goal? Protein is a target...or does it create too much glucose? What I do know is that we are all individuals and, with that, there will absolutely be some degree of bio-individuality. As such, there will NOT be a black and white, one-size-fits-all model for everyone as it pertains to diet. However, I do NOT think this means we need to blur the lines so much so that we FUBAR the entire diet and lifestyle! What possible good does that do?

Written By

Robert Sikes


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