Sugar: The Other Addictive White Powder--with Mike Collins

Could you be addicted to sugar? It may seem like a simple question, but sugar addiction is a big problem and can cause a whole host of health issues, including fatty liver disease and diabetes. Mike Collins, founder of, is passionate about spreading the message of sugar addiction and helping people battle this problem in order to live a healthier life.

Mike battled addiction for a large portion of his adult life, and when he finally broke free of the cycle, he became determined to not only prevent his family from going down the same path, but to also help as many people as possible break their addiction to sugar and make vast improvements to their health and overall well-being.

What we discussed on today's episode:

  • Mike's childhood family roots in sugar addiction (2:00)
  • The science behind sugar addiction and why it should be considered a drug (6:34)
  • The different ways food corporations label sugar on packaging, which may be confusing to the consumer, leading to unintended sugar consumption (8:06)
  • Glucose and fructose in various foods and the effect they have on your blood sugar and liver after consumption, fruit included (11:30)
  • The effect sugar has on children, sometimes leading to obesity and troubles in school (17:41)
  • Mike's battles raising his children without sugar (19:23)
  • The psychology behind sugar addiction and why people just can't say no or consume it in moderation (28:59)
  • How some people manage their emotions with food and sugar consumption from a very early age (38:01)
  • His opinion on sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners (45:59)
  • The importance of spreading awareness of sugar addiction and helping people find healthier replacements, such as walking or lifting weights (52:19)

Where to find Mike online:

Sugar Addiction

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Robert Sikes


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