The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Bryce Henson

Your mindset can affect your success in all aspects of your life, including fitness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. Bryce Henson is a successful business owner and in this episode, we discuss all things entrepreneurial: mindset, growth, stoicism, etc.

What you'll hear:

  • Bryce's backstory and how he ended up in the group coaching realm (1:29)
  • How some entrepreneurs become so focused on their business that their health falls by the wayside (6:00)
  • Safeguards and non-negotiables he has in his life to keep him on the right track from a health and fitness standpoint (7:05)
  • Cold plunging and how it jump-starts his day (8:39)
  • Benefits of hormetic stress (9:56)
  • His idea of "balance" (10:43)
  • Tensegrity (13:21)
  • Scaling a business in the fitness industry (16:02)
  • Digging deep when you've never faced adversity (18:52)
  • The benefits of putting yourself through intention discomfort (22:10)
  • Making time for travel (23:29)
  • Juggling your business responsibilities while traveling (25:09)
  • 4 Hour Work Week (27:31)
  • Streamlining your business processes to make things run more smoothly (29:14)
  • When to know it's "enough" in your business (37:19)
  • Blissful dissatisfaction (37:53)
  • Passion and purpose (40:48)
  • Staying grounded when working on growth (42:32)
  • Stoicism (45:00)
  • Resources Bryce uses for business, fitness, etc., and how to avoid information overload (48:56)
  • A typical day for Bryce (51:27)
  • What has him fired up for the future (55:20)

Where to find out more about Bryce:

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Robert Sikes


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