Nutrition and Psychology With Temple Stewart

Temple Stewart has a wealth of knowledge in the ketogenic nutritional space and it was a pleasure to finally meet her in person at Keto Con. She is a blood sugar expert and I really enjoyed having her on the podcast and learning from her.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How and why she got into the nutritional space initially (2:11)
  • Her diagnosis with PCOS and turning to keto to heal (3:01)
  • How she handled the diagnosis (4:17)
  • Her doctors' conventional way of treating her (6:49)
  • The dangers of hormonal birth control to regulate cycles (10:04)
  • Natural family planning method (12:25)
  • The immediate results she noticed from going keto (13:27)
  • Why Western medicine pushes back against keto so fervently (16:04)
  • Nourishing the body (19:56)
  • How to navigate the waters of educating the masses on proper nutrition without turning them away (20:59)
  • Fear mongering (25:18)
  • The importance of not being dogmatic in your thinking (26:38)
  • The value of being a registered dietitian when you follow a ketogenic protocol (28:10)
  • Revamping the nutritional education system (33:04)
  • Where she begins her research (35:26)
  • The bias of certain search engines (40:46)
  • The bright future of nutrition in the ketogenic space (44:50)
  • The importance of flexibility and sustainability (46:23)
  • Her typical clientele (46:26)
  • What percentage of her female clients are chronically undereating (49:05)
  • How she handles those clients (52:10)
  • Filtering the large amount of information on the internet (54:27)
  • What she has coming up in the pipeline (57:09)

Where to learn more from Temple:

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Robert Sikes


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