Optimizing Male Performance with Dr. Tracy Gapin

Are you aware of how many things can affect your performance and hormone levels? Dr. Tracy Gapin has a background in urology but now focuses on male optimization and performance. He combines his compassion and extensive experience with men's health care and cutting-edge technology to offer patients individualized, state-of-the-art care. He has been a true pioneer for innovation throughout his medical career. He offers a personalized path to helping men maximize sexual health, testosterone levels, and prostate health. (https://gapininstitute.com/about/) I've got no doubt you'll take something away from this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Dr. Gapin's background in urology (1:12)
  • Common issues he saw with his patients (2:13)
  • Why testosterone should be the last part of the equation you look at when trying to optimize overall health (4:55)
  • What motivated him to change his health journey and why it became so personal (6:08)
  • What has been the vehicle for him to live a life of fulfillment (11:19)
  • How he would analyze a typical client and what options he would suggest, especially when it comes to sleep quality (13:49)
  • Melatonin and sleep routine (17:17)
  • Alcohol consumption and it's adverse effects on sleep (20:59)
  • How certain foods can cause issues with falling asleep (22:46)
  • Consuming too much protein for bed as related to difficulty sleeping (24:37)
  • Peptides and their role in the body (26:17)
  • What exactly the Gapin Institute does in regards to performance issues and how they treat individual clients (29:21)
  • How often they're performing blood work (34:52)
  • The reference range of testosterone (36:08)
  • Natural ways to boost testosterone production (43:22)
  • Common patterns in dietary patterns as it relates to hormonal health (46:28)
  • GAINSWave (48:56)

Where to learn more from Dr. Tracy Gapin:

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Robert Sikes


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