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"Hi Robert thanks for your answer in advance. I've heard through various resources that if I eat in a deficit in an effort to lose body fat then my maintenance calories could decrease over time. Currently my maintenance calories is 2550. I use a carnivore/ketogenic approach in my journey . I've lost 80 pounds but I'm stuck at 194 pounds. I'm 5'8"and I'm still around 22% body fat and that's just a simple measuring of the waist and neck measurement. My question is should I be eating 2200 cal along with exercise and weight training or should I be eating maintenance calories and creating a deficit with exercise and weight training? Also I am a truck driver so I'm very sedentary throughout the day. I'm usually out of the truck and at home on Thursdays and Fridays so I save my big movements/ big lifts for those days and I work out with dumbbells body weight exercises and resistance bands while I'm in the truck out of town. I'm desperate to have a flat stomach by the end of the year. Again thanks for your help." - Andrew

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