Pivoting, Mindset, and Living a Fulfilled Life with Casey Ruff

If you were forced to make a major life or career change, would you have the proper mindset to make the transition and ensure your success? When our world shut down last year, Casey Ruff found himself in the difficult position of not knowing the future of his career. As a personal trainer, he was suddenly unemployed when the fitness industry came to a halt seemingly overnight.

As a personal trainer of nearly 15 years, Casey and his wife Bethany pivoted during the pandemic shutdown and formed Boundless Body, a personal training company and successful podcast. Between the two of them, they possess a wealth of knowledge in fitness areas from corrective exercise to nutrition coaching (specifically keto/carnivore). It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast and I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future.

What Casey and I discussed in this episode:

  • How the pandemic affected Casey and his wife and why they chose to branch out on their own podcasting journey (1:50)
  • His background in architecture and why he chose a career in fitness instead (4:20)
  • The evolution of personal training and how COVID forced the fitness industry to shift gears in order to survive (6:11)
  • The importance of thinking outside the box when faced with challenging situations (11:29)
  • How he turned the challenge of the pandemic into an opportunity for growth and entrepreneurship (16:37)
  • Casey's belief that simply choosing a path and moving forward is the initial key to success (20:24)
  • The benefits to knowing how to manage the multiple aspects of running a business (28:08)
  • When to know you have "enough" and what exactly that means for each individual (32:04)
  • The difference between living your passion and living for retirement (40:55)
  • What it means to live a minimalist lifestyle (48:26)
  • Finding contentment in the simpler things in life (49:55)

Where to find Casey and follow along on his adventures:

Boundless Body
Boundless Body Radio

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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