Keeping Up With the New Buzzwords-Vitamin A Toxicity and Reverse Dieting--With Kim Howerton and Crystal Sikes

In recent weeks, you may have caught wind of my concern for the population of people who are chronically undereating to the detriment of their health and longevity.  On this episode, I welcome my wife Crystal to the podcast, as well as repeat guest Kim Howerton, to discuss reverse dieting and its metabolic benefits in addition to the newly debated topic of vitamin A toxicity and liver consumption. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Vitamin A consumption in the form of supplements vs. whole foods (3:53)
  • The silliness of the controversy surrounding vitamin A toxicity and liver consumption (6:33)
  • The importance of moderation when it comes to anything you’re consuming, from liver to water (9:43)
  • The ups and downs within the keto/carnivore community as well as the controversy from those outside the space regarding what is the best way to approach this lifestyle (10:33)
  • The dangers of oversimplification when it comes to health and nutrition (13:00)
  • How much science has changed in the past few decades and the importance of researching and experimenting with your own body to figure out what makes you feel like your best self (15:32)
  • How understanding and listening to the changing balance within your own body, depending on lifestyle changes and goals, can help you adjust your nutritional needs accordingly (17:50)
  • The detrimental effects chronic undereating can have on your metabolism and overall health (21:52)
  • Crystal’s experience with women who are consistently refusing to eat above a certain caloric level because they’re afraid of seeing a gain on the scale (22:49)
  • Adaptive metabolism and what that means (25:22)
  • The reasoning behind the influx of people chronically restricting calories (29:57)
  • The stigma surrounding weight gain with female clients (34.23)
  • Using scales and tracking macros as tools as opposed to traps along your fitness journey (36:35)
  • Easy first steps you can take to feel better and get healthy, including incorporating some sort of movement into every day (46:29)
  • How incorporating resistance training increases lean muscle mass, ultimately boosting your metabolism (51:52)
  • The psychological benefits of reverse dieting (57:10)

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Robert Sikes


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