Post-show Banter with Greg Mahler

I'm short on time, short on sleep, and short on podcast episodes, so I welcomed my good friend and client, Greg Mahler, on the show to recap my competition at the Monster Mash.

What you'll hear:

  • My performance at the show and improved vascularity and symmetry (2:32)
  • Lessons I learned during this last show, including being more personable on stage during posing (7:57)
  • Training and nutrition strategies for my upcoming competition (10:23)
  • Greg's experience working with me and the importance of reverse dieting after a prep (18:06)
  • Not comparing oneself to others on social media (20:14)
  • The growth plan for Keto Brick (23:49)
  • Working with a coach during a competition prep (26:48)
  • Post-competition celebration meals and meal prep (28:00)
  • The importance of keeping your recovery meal on-plan and not being too lenient (32:56)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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