Robb Wolf Schools Us on the Science Behind Electrolytes and Longevity

If experimenting with your nutrition to discover what could help you live a life free from pain and inflammation, would you be willing to make the sacrifice for your health? On today's episode, Robb and I discuss everything from electrolytes to regenerative agriculture.

Former biochemist, Robb is a juggernaut in the keto/paleo/low carb space. He has written two books, The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat, and continues to help countless people through his podcast. He has a wealth of knowledge and it was fascinating to chat with him today. I'm sure you'll learn a lot as well.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Robb's start in the low-carb world and the health reasons behind it (1:27)
  • The importance of recognizing when something isn't working for you so you can make the necessary adjustments for optimal health and well-being (7:19)
  • How the dietary needs of each individual vary and what works for one person may not work for another (9:53)
  • Nutritional needs change from season to season, based on each person's goal, making it difficult to pinpoint what is optimal (14:27)
  • The importance of adequate protein and fat intake based on your day-to-day activities (28:37)
  • Robb's general baseline guidance for electrolytes and why proper balance is important (32:29)
  • HIs experience writing the book The Sacred Cow and the topics addressed, including regenerative agriculture (39:21)
  • The misinformation surrounding cattle farming and red meat consumption (48:06)
  • The possible stark future of farming and animal consumption in the United States (50:30)
  • The likelihood of scaling the regenerative agriculture movement to a point where it could sustain the population (55:20)
  • The argument for repatriation especially given the current global pandemic (1:01:28)

Where to find Robb and his amazing work:
Robb Wolf on the web
Sacred Cow

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Robert Sikes


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