Sandy Gross Discusses Yoga and Being a Wonder Woman Role Model for Her Daughters

Do you think you're too old to make major changes in your life to feel and look your absolute best? Sandy Gross is in her 50's and has tossed aside the idea that she's too old to achieve her health and fitness goals. She's a fierce role model for her daughters and leads by example in regards to fitness and nutrition. 

Sandy has spent the majority of her life fascinated with the human body. She uses rehabilitative techniques, functional strength training and self therapies including yoga and SMFR (self-myofascial release) as the core of her toolbox to help people better understand and resolve their own pain, prevent injury and to live with greater self confidence at any age. (www. 

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Sandy's background in health and fitness, professionally and personally (2:01)
  • The types of clients Sandy works with and their goals (6:46) Her definition of yoga (12:16)
  • The ideal way to approach yoga and sift through the different options out there to find what works best for you (14:37)
  • The different types of yoga and their benefits (17:20) Some of the controversy surrounding the yoga community (18:47)
  • Her foray into YouTube and Vimeo (26:02) Soft tissue work, deep breathing, and meditation (27:58)
  • Sandy's reasoning for wanting to explore reverse dieting (31:13)
  • Her recovery from septic shock and how she attributes her healing to her dietary choices (34:38)
  • How she handles nutrition confusion in her family and models good behavior surrounding food (37:51)
  • Chronic undereating and the dangers of severely restricting caloric intake (42:35)
  • How she is demonstrating body positivity to her daughters (46:36)
  • Alternatives to the term "cutting phase" (54:44)
  • The importance of trusting the process when it comes to getting healthier and more fit (59:41)

Where to follow Sandy and learn more about her practice:

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Robert Sikes


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