Surviving and Thriving with Brian Loftus

Are you new to or interested in the world of survivorship and bushcraft? Brian Loftus is an expert when it comes to being completely self-sufficient in the elements. He sells our bricks in his store, and I've always been interested in this topic, so it was a pleasure speaking to and learning from him. I know you'll find this episode informative and beneficial.

What we discussed:

  • Why Brian became interested in the world of survival outfitting (1:06)
  • How his business has changed since its inception (3:58)
  • Information is everything, and knowledge is power (5:55)
  • Brands he recommends for those just starting out (8:05)
  • What size knife he recommends (11:13)
  • Growing up not participating in any outdoor activities, and how he prepared as an adult (12:47)
  • Jumping in and getting your hands dirty (17:25)
  • The common denominators he's seen with people just getting started (18:11)
  • Building a good fire (21:01)
  • The rise in interest in being self-sufficient in a worst-case scenario (23:31)
  • American Survival Company and the show Snowflake Mountain (26:28)
  • His mental roadmap when thinking about survival and being self-sufficient (28:42)
  • Water purification (32:57)
  • Shelter and clothing brands he recommends (37:53)
  • Solar energy (41:00)
  • The importance of a sturdy vehicle in emergency situations (43:28)
  • What's in the pipeline for Brian (45:40)
  • The openness of the survival community (49:39)

Where to learn more:

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Robert Sikes


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