Talking Shop with Curtis Christopherson

As an elite athlete, Curtis Christopherson knew he wanted to work in the sports and kinesiology field from a young age. He fell in love with sports in general, and at 22, began training clients in Vancouver. He has since become a leading fitness and health entrepreneur in Canada, working as a personal trainer and going on to own Innovative Fitness, the large independent network of personal training studios in North America. We had a great conversation and I know you'll enjoy it as well.

What we discussed on this episode:

  • Curtis' background and why he became interested in the fitness industry (1:14)
  • How he applied his kinesiology background (2:12)
  • Going from in-person to virtual training (3:03)
  • Virtual training vs. in-person and the differences in benefits between the two (4:42)
  • Training apps and how they have improved over the years (7:22)
  • The benefits to both sides of his business (8:29)
  • Advice he'd give to someone interested in starting a business in the fitness industry (10:18)
  • How his app is structured (12:14)
  • Scalability (13:09)
  • The issues he has run into when focusing on the nutrition component of the app (13:53)
  • Division in the health and fitness industry (15:09)
  • Prioritizing life as an entrepreneur (17:05)
  • His routines and daily habits (18:45)
  • His opinions on saunas and red light therapy for recovery (21:12)
  • The aura ring and how he uses the data from that to adjust his day (22:15)
  • Maximizing sleep and improving sleep quality (23:42)
  • Managing business and family balance (25:14)
  • Realizing that time is finite, especially when it comes to having young children (28:05)
  • What he's looking forward to in the near future (31:05)

Where to find out more about Curtis:

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Robert Sikes


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