Wizard Nutrition with Nikki

Nikki Crendal is a dietetic student in Australia studying all things nutrition. She has so much knowledge surrounding bodybuilding, carnivore-based eating, and the science behind nutrition. I learned so much from this episode and I'm sure you will as well.

What you'll hear:

  • Nikki's background and what she's studying (1:50)
  • The motivation behind her choice of study (2:12)
  • Keeping an open mind in her studies, especially when some of her courses disagree with her philosophy of health and nutrition (5:27)
  • Things she has learned during her studies that may have caused her to put her personal biases aside and consider a different approach (8:38)
  • The lack of research regarding meat-based diets and cancer (11:29)
  • Experimenting with your body to see what works best for you rather than relying on the sea of information on the internet (13:35)
  • Her battle with autoimmune disease and what has helped her (15:32)
  • The stigma that exists for women and body size and how this leads to chronic undereating (18:29)
  • Her personal caloric intake and macro distribution (21:35)
  • Calorie cycling (25:30)
  • Protein sparing modified fasting (26:22)
  • The downfall of being in a consistently low caloric intake state (30:24)
  • Oversimplifying the process of fat burning (33:18)
  • Her definition of a carnivore diet (37:06)
  • Dietary experimentation (42:21)
  • Electrolyte balance (44:29)
  • Female hormonal health (47:48)
  • Nutrition overview for her children (54:13)
  • Leading by example as a parent (58:28)
  • What she's most excited about right now (59:52)
  • Ketogenic bodybuilding approach (1:02:15)
  • Splitting up your protein consumption (1:06:49)

Where to find out more about Nikki:

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Robert Sikes


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