The Broad Scope of Nutrition and Fitness with Jonathan Griffiths

Do you struggle to make sense of the vast amounts of information out there surrounding nutrition and fitness? Jonathan Griffiths has been in the nutrition industry, studying carefully, for nearly 15 years, having undertaken several courses surrounding human health, including Medical Science, Nutrition and Herbal Sciences, and a Sports Science certification. Over that span of time, he has seen fad diets come and go. With the amount of misinformation online, he decided to uncover the truth. He uses the most up-to-date scientific literature, as well as experience from working with hundreds of individuals with unique health situations. We covered a lot of ground in this episode, so I know you'll take something away from it.

What we discussed:

  • His background, reasons for entering the bodybuilding space, and what his nutritional protocol looks like now (3:20)
  • His dietary history (5:06)
  • High-volume, low-calorie diets (7:42)
  • Volume eating and stomach stretching (10:21)
  • Importance of nutrient density (12:29)
  • Tracking food intake (15:47)
  • Structuring nutrition around protein (20:01)
  • Incorporating cardio (28:06)
  • The importance of not overtraining (29:54)
  • Benefits of raw milk (31:07)
  • Incorporating more carbs (34:27)
  • Training volume and training structure (39:18)
  • Splitting up training and progressive overload (43:57)
  • Balancing the psychological component of bodybuilding (50:32)
  • Electrolytes and supplementation (58:43)
  • Appetite-suppressants (1:03:23)
  • Reverse dieting and competition prep (1:10:37)
  • Nutrition for autism and mental health (1:16:26)
  • The psychological component of weight loss (1:21:57)

Where to learn more from Jonathan:

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Robert Sikes


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