The Invisible Machine with Dr. Eugene Lipov and Jamie Mustard

Do you or someone you know suffer from PTSD? Dr. Eugene Lipov and Jamie Mustard co-authored the book The Invisible Machine and together they are working to change our understanding of trauma & post-traumatic stress and why it matters to society. This is a very worthwhile conversation to listen to and it may help you or someone you know who may be struggling.

What we discussed:

  • The catalyst for their groundbreaking research on improving PTSD treatment with sympathetic nervous system blocks (2:31)
  • PTSD treatment and nervous system repair (4:58)
  • Trauma and its effects on the body (8:09)
  • The impact of modern living on mental health (15:17)
  • The impact of social media on mental health and the body's response to chronic stress (21:32)
  • Changing the name of PTSD to PTSI (post-traumatic stress injury) and the reasons for that change (26:01)
  • Trauma therapy and the effectiveness of VSR for treating various types of trauma (34:45)
  • Injections for autonomic nervous system regulation (37:59)
  • The use of technology to improve mental health (44:09)
  • Pain management and the sympathetic nervous system (50:17)
  • The challenges PTSD researchers face (53:21)
  • How the book has helped to change the lives of trauma victims (59:09)

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Robert Sikes


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