Global Population Decline with Kevin Dolan

There is a global population decline that could have profound implications for our generation as well as generations to come. Kevin Dolan is one of the founders of the Natal Conference and has a wealth of information on this subject. This is definitely a different episode for the podcast, but it was a fascinating conversation and I know you'll learn a lot.

What we discussed:

  • Causes of the population decline (2:36)
  • Population decline and its impact on the global economy (7:14)
  • When the population decline began and the factors that caused it (8:04)
  • The rate of population decline in the United States (10:37)
  • The forecasted population and the driving factors for the decline (11:57)
  • Where the population decrease is the most significant (17:33)
  • Causes of infertility and the decrease in sperm counts in males across the world (22:25)
  • Marriage, divorce, and population decline (24:40)
  • The impact of population decline on real estate and investments (29:00)
  • The solution to this paramount problem (34:01)
  • Parenting, cultural beliefs, and demographics (41:49)
  • Addressing population decline through innovation and education (48:41)
  • Spreading the word through the Natal Conference and in local communities (53:34)

Where to learn more about Kevin and the conference:

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Robert Sikes


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