You Win Some, You Lose Some: Part One with Robert Sikes

I'm straying from the traditional interview format for this episode, as we're traveling back from a competition and short on episodes. Today, you'll learn about my wins and what I've learned throughout this competition cycle.

What you'll hear:

  • The three competitions I've done thus far (0:54)
  • Switching gears at my first competition and winning the best poser category (2:25)
  • Winning my class in the second competition (3:39)
  • My win in Washington (5:06)
  • Meal prep and travel (7:55)
  • Peak week nutrition strategies (13:09)
  • Successfully maintaining a positive attitude (19:09)
  • The preservation of strength and power despite my weight loss (24:43)
  • Judges' feedback (28:30)
  • Maintaining my positive relationship with food (32:45)
  • Feeling excited and not miserable for the remaining two competitions (37:20)
  • Having fun and enjoying the entire process (38:09)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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