The Science of Exercise and Nutrition with Philip Prins

Dr. Philip Prins is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science. Last year, he began a year-long study on low carbohydrate training using Keto Bricks as one of the variables. It was super exciting to hear the results of this study's results and other aspects of nutritional studies and exercise. I learned a ton and I'm sure you will as well.

What we discussed:

  • The basis for the study and how they happened upon Keto Bricks (1:56)
  • What he spearheads within the university (5:06)
  • The results of his studies on energy and pre-workout drinks (7:19)
  • Caffeine and training (13:58)
  • Benefits of cycling off of caffeine (17:57)
  • The varying opinions on sugar in the nutrition community (19:21)
  • Sugar consumption in relation to activity (24:35)
  • The main motivation behind the low carbohydrate Keto Brick study and how it was structured (25:58)
  • Exclusion criteria for the study (33:43)
  • The results of the study, including time to exhaustion, rate of carbohydrate oxidation, etc. (34:36)
  • The oxygen needs of a fat-adapted person (40:45)
  • Macro composition of a Clif Bar, the other supplement used during the study (42:03)
  • Satiety and GI response of the Clif Bar vs. Keto Brick (44:32)
  • Blood glucose, blood ketones, and blood lactate and those results (45:44)
  • Virtually no hindrance to performance levels to study group participants when consuming the Keto Brick (49:44)
  • The limitations to studying the keto diet because of the length of time it takes to become fat-adapted (51:59)
  • How to know and understand the validity of a study and valid resources for the public (55:45)
  • Recommended databases for the general public to use for research (1:03:03)
  • The lack of studies on how a ketogenic diet affects performance (1:05:23)
  • How and when the study results will be released (1:19:56)
  • How bias affects study reviews (1:22:35)

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Robert Sikes


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