No Excuses With Laura Spath

Are you too busy to focus on your health? Well, this episode is for you! Laura Spath is a busy working mother to two and still lost over 100 pounds following a carnivore diet. She's truly an inspiration and I'm sure you'll be pumped after listening to this episode.

What we discussed:

  • How we met and why I became convinced to have her on the podcast (1:37)
  • Why she transitioned to carnivore (2:21)
  • Turmoil in the keto carnivore space (3:47)
  • Healthy maintenance in regards to a caloric surplus and deficit (6:28)
  • What led to her weight gain (7:22)
  • If It Fits Your Macros and why that doesn't work for everyone (9:56)
  • Disordered eating and unhealthy relationships with food (12:39)
  • How and why she made the shift from keto to carnivore (13:44)
  • Sustainability (17:34)
  • The world outside of mainstream medicine (18:40)
  • Eating wholesome, single-ingredient foods (21:54)
  • Nutritional freedom and knowing when to rein it in (23:53)
  • The importance of mindset (25:46)
  • Finding balance when it comes to weight loss (27:33)
  • Handling loose skin as a result of tremendous weight loss (29:27)
  • Her thoughts on the disparity between protein and fat ratios (32:02)
  • The detriment of chronic undereating (36:48)
  • Counting calories vs. intuitive eating (38:09)
  • The danger of constant extended fasting (40:20)
  • Her plan with social media and content creation (41:17)
  • Maintaining her health journey while managing a busy schedule (44:43)
  • Removing excuses (46:30)
  • The importance of finding support (47:05)
  • Laura's favorite carnivore dish (49:57)

Where to find Laura:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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