Breaking Away from Traditional Dieting with Jake Dudley

Have you tried "traditional" diets to lose weight but struggle to see the scale move? Jake Dudley is a highly experienced registered dietitian who specializes in nutritional therapy and dietary education. Jacob began his education as a classically trained chef who worked as the head chef of an upscale Mediterranean restaurant. After several years in food service, Jacob returned to academia to obtain a degree in nutrition and dietetics from Idaho State University while also competing in Division 1 Track and Field as a Decathlete. He then rounded out his educational journey by completing a dietetic internship at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX.

As a Registered Dietitian, he has helped over 3,500 individuals achieve their weight, health, and fitness goals to date! He comes highly recommended by his peers and co-workers of the past as being a man of compassion, genuine care, and a desire to help educate and guide people to improve their lives. ( He's changing people's lives, so I know you'll take something from this episode.

What we discussed:

  • How we met, Jake's background, and how he's gaining traction in his field (1:45)
  • Why he decided to become a dietitian (3:43)
  • Nutrition in his home growing up (12:39)
  • The main contributing factor to the obesity epidemic we're facing in the US (15:57)
  • Education as the most effective tool for weight loss (18:02)
  • Motivation is fleeting (19:34)
  • His typical client demographic (22:45)
  • How he handles clients who struggle with being in a caloric surplus (26:35)
  • Low-carb, Mediterranean-based diet (33:17)
  • Tracking macros and intake (35:50)
  • How often he checks in with clients to maintain their protocol (37:50)
  • The importance of community (40:52)
  • Obtaining formal schooling in nutrition and dietetics (43:01)
  • Ozempic (46:52)
  • The power of choice (51:19)

Where to learn more from Jake:

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Robert Sikes


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