Female Hormones from A to Z with Dr. Stephanie Estima

Do hormone imbalances disrupt your life? Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in female hormone issues and how they affect sleep, training, stress levels, and much more. You're going to want to takes notes on this episode!

What you'll learn:

  • Stephanie's background and why she became interested in female hormone health (1:43)
  • The ketogenic diet and its effects on brain function (6:50)
  • Carbohydrates and inflammation (9:41)
  • Nuances that she has discovered with her female patients in regards to nutrition (12:18)
  • Resistant starches (15:56)
  • How to handle the sudden drop in carbohydrate intake when beginning a ketogenic approach (19:20)
  • What happens in the body during the second week of a woman's cycle and how Stephanie structures nutrition around that (23:28)
  • Making adjustments to nutrition based on caloric surplus and deficit (28:26)
  • Being cautious with carbohydrate intake (31:35)
  • Genetics and a carnivore approach (32:52)
  • The importance of being open minded and avoiding fear mongering (37:34)
  • Sourcing high quality ingredients and whole foods (41:33)
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy (45:06)
  • Managing the affects of menopause (48:21)
  • The importance of building and maintaining muscle mass as we age (51:22)
  • Observing how a patient feels and discussing her goals before recommending HRT (56:18)
  • What's coming up in the near future for her (1:01:34)

Where to learn more from Stephanie:

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Robert Sikes


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