Here at Keto Savage, we're particular about the types of giveaways we do because we always want to make sure we're providing the best products and value to our audience. That being said, I'm stoked to announce that we'll be giving away an amazing kayak bundle to one lucky winner. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to participate and take advantage of this offer!

What you'll hear on this episode:

  • Typical giveaways you see on social media and why we don't prefer that method (0:55)
  • What I think of when I grab a Keto Brick (3:08)
  • Information on the outdoor store we're partnering with to offer this giveaway (4:22)
  • Details of the kayak we're giving away and what it includes (5:54)
  • Requirements for entry (8:32)
  • Bonus prize of Keto Bricks for the winner (9:24)
  • Open invitation to send us ideas for future giveaways that are on-brand (11:06)

How to enter:

If you loved this episode, and our podcast, please take some time to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, or drop us a comment below!

Written By

Robert Sikes


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