The Mindset of a Cut with Client and Friend Nate Joy

For this episode, I welcomed friend and client, Nate Joy, to discuss his experience with his cut that began in January. Nate has incredibly positive energy and it was a joy to work with him as a client. If you're thinking of starting a cut yourself, you'll definitely find this episode inspirational.

What we discussed:

  • Nate's backstory and why he decided to begin his bodybuilding endeavor (2:04)
  • The importance of nutrition in bodybuilding (7:39)
  • Working with a coach for weight loss and fitness goals (8:42)
  • Managing knee issues (10:44)
  • Keeping it simple and his weight loss and training progression (15:05)
  • The power of mindset in achieving fitness goals (21:22)
  • Reverse dieting and goal setting in bodybuilding (28:26)
  • The importance of taking a break between competition preps (38:30)
  • Nutrition's impact on health and fitness (40:41)
  • The importance of tracking intake and remaining consistent and disciplined (46:06)
  • Nate's experience working with a personal trainer and his desire to help others achieve their goals (52:41)

Where to learn more about Nate's journey:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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