Making Changes, Getting Healthy, and Living Life to the Fullest with Mathew Panattoni

What would be the catalyst for you to make changes that would lead to living a vibrant, enriched life? Today I welcome Mathew Panattoni to the podcast to discuss his lifestyle changes and what they mean for him and his family. He emailed me to share his story and I was inspired. It's my pleasure to share this episode with you and I hope you are inspired by his story as well.

What we discussed:

  • The turning point for beginning his ketogenic journey (1:52)
  • How his desire to run and play with his kids convinced him it was time to make significant changes to his nutrition and fitness (8:23)
  • His first introduction to keto and how he initially struggled to make sense of it all because of the overwhelming amount of contradicting information on the internet (11:12)
  • The importance of sticking to the plan and not having one "cheat" meal a week (15:36)
  • The habits Mathew implements daily to make sure he stays on course (22:22)
  • How his work with hospice has taught him to appreciate the present and live life in a way that will add more quality years (27:57)
  • The importance of sharing quality time with your family and the steps you can take to make sure you're fully present for them (37:01)
  • How taking care of yourself can allow you to be fully engaged when interacting with family and friends (39:37)
  • How intuitively knowing the right foods to eat and how they affect your overall macros is so important with any diet or lifestyle change (46:54)
  • The difference between feeling bloated and feeling full and how that can affect your weight loss attempts (48:09)
  • What it means to have food freedom (50:18)
Mathew's change in mindset when he realized the overwhelming benefits of keto outside of weight loss (54:26)

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Robert Sikes


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