More Than Counting Sheep with James Swanwick

Are you looking for ways to improve your sleep? Or do you perhaps struggle with addiction?

James Swanwick is an Australian-American entrepreneur who helps casual drinkers reduce or quit alcohol. A sleep evangelist, James is the co-founder (with his brother Tristan Swanwick) of the popular health brand Swanwick Sleep, which produces blue light-blocking glasses to improve well-being and sleep quality. ( I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and where it took us, and I hope you'll also take something from it.

What we discussed:

  • James' background and why he became interested in sleep optimization (2:04)
  • Blue light blocking glasses and the science behind them (3:51)
  • Benefits of blue light exposure in the morning and avoiding alcohol in the evening (10:30)
  • Avoiding caffeine the hours before going to bed at night (12:07)
  • How alcohol hinders sleep quality (14:26)
  • Why James stopped drinking (18:25)
  • My 365-day sober challenge (21:57)
  • Living life the way nature intended (24:20)
  • Why people become addicted to substances (26:47)
  • Childhood stories that helped shape who he is (29:55)
  • Being self-aware and finding fulfillment (33:57)
  • Journaling and mindset work (35:02)
  • Business ownership as a personal development program (37:48)
  • His clientele (40:00)
  • The benefits of daily gratitude journaling (43:21)
  • Addiction recovery and human psychology (50:48)

Where to find James:

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Robert Sikes


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