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Training Like a Lion with Colt Milton
For this episode, we welcome back repeat guest and friend, Colt Milton. He's a fellow natural bodybuilder and joined us to share a bit about hi...
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Getting an Upgrade with Barton Scott
If you're curious about supplements, this is the episode for you.  Barton Scott, a chemical engineer, is the founder of Upgraded Formulas....
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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Exogenous Ketones with Dr. Latt Mansor
Are you curious about the benefits of exogenous ketones? For this episode, we welcomed Dr. Latt Mansor to the podcast. He is the lead researche...
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Podcasting and Parenting with Andrew Zaragoza
This episode is for anyone interested in parenting, nutrition, or starting a podcast from the ground up. Andrew is a Podcast Producer, Host and...
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Retro Bodybuilding with Craig Toni
Craig Toni began his bodybuilding journey back in the 80's, when anabolic steroid use was the norm. He's suffered some health issues due to his...
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Therapeutic Carb Restriction with Jayne Bullen
Jayne Bullen has been with her research at the Noakes Foundation in South Africa by enlightening physicians on the therapeutic benefits of a lo...
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A Different Approach to Bodybuilding
Scott Myslinski just competed in his first bodybuilding endeavor and went the enhancement route.  He pulls back the curtain and leaves eve...
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BIOptimization with Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant
Wade Lightheart and Matt Galant are the head honchos behind BIOptimizers supplements, but they are also both big into the nutrition and bodybui...
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