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From High Fat Carnivore to Sustainability with Kelly Hogan
Kelly Hogan is an OG in the ketogenic and carnivore space and I've finally gotten her on the podcast. She's been low carb/ketogenic since 2004 ...
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Female Hormones from A to Z with Dr. Stephanie Estima
Do hormone imbalances disrupt your life? Dr. Stephanie Estima is an expert in female hormone issues and how they affect sleep, training, stress...
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Competition Prep with Margery Lucas
I've worked with Margery for years, through several competition preps, and she's looked better each time she has stepped on the stage. I've ref...
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Live Savage Apparel Relaunch!
At long last, Live Savage Apparel is ready to go LIVE and we couldn't be more excited to offer you so many new options, all produced in-house! ...
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From Dental Hygiene to Proper Sleep with Kevin Stock
Do you suffer from poor mental performance or fatigue? Kevin Stock relied on an abundance of caffeine to get him through the day when he was star...
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The 4th Trimester with Robert, Crystal, and Rigel Sikes
This is our 500th episode! We are so grateful to all of you for continuing to support us on this platform. For this milestone, we talked about a...
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Cracking the Nutritional Genetic Code with Kristina Hess
Could one moment completely change the trajectory of your life? Kristina is a licensed dietician and clinical nutritionist whose career path shif...
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Kracking the Keto Code with Willy Kwak
What if your healthy dietary changes could lead to a new, fulfilling career? Willy Kwak founded Keto Krack'd out of a need for delicious, keto-f...
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